General Assembly Overrides Governor’s Education Bill Vetoes

On Thursday, the Maryland General Assembly overrode two of Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes in lengthy, hours-long floor sessions, restoring a prominent school construction bill and legislation allowing arbitration for teacher disciplinary measures.

The school construction legislation incorporates more than thirty-six recommendations of a two-year commission on school construction appointed by the Presiding Officers of the General Assembly. However, it also strips the Board of Public Works of much of its authority over the allocation of state funding for school construction. Read more about The 21st Century School Facilities Act here.

SB 639 – Education – Public School Personnel – Disciplinary Hearing Procedures would allow public school personnel a hearing before arbitration before certain final disciplinary procedures.

The Washington Post reports:

Sen. Paul Pinsky (D-Prince George’s), who supports the bill, said the legislation ensures due process. But Sen. Robert Cassilly (R-Harford) said the measure “undermines the quality of education.”

Hogan called the bill a “radical attempt to strip away the duly authorized powers of local school boards.”