Senate Sets to Amaze Amazon With $6.5 Billion

The Maryland Senate has approved an incentive plan to woo Amazon to Montgomery County, reports Bethesda Magazine. Legislative analysts value the package at $6.5 billion, with the State funding $5.6 billion, and Montgomery funding $924 million via property tax credits.

The Senate amended the bill so that the availability of the incentives terminate in 2022 if Amazon chooses another location.

From  Bethesda Magazine:

The Seattle-based tech company is choosing between the county and 19 other locations for its massive project. The language of the bill would have enabled any Fortune 100 company that plans to bring more than 40,000 workers and pay most of them at least $60,000 to qualify for the tax breaks. However, the change ensures the legislation only impacts Amazon should it choose to locate in Montgomery County.

The House of Delegates is considering a companion bill.