Sick Leave Bill Will Wait For Next Year

As reported in the Washington Post, a bill that would have required businesses to provide sick leave has not advanced this year in Maryland’s General Assembly. Jenna Johnson of the Post writes,

Maryland lawmakers have decided not to advance legislation that would have required many businesses to let workers earn as many as seven paid sick days each year. Advocates accused Democrats, who hold majorities in both chambers of the legislature, of only supporting working-class issues during election years.

This bill would have required large employers and county governments to provide paid sick leave at a normal rate of pay for employees, including full‐time and part‐time employees, at a rate of 1 hour per every 30 hours worked. Small employers would be required to provide unpaid sick leave at the same rate. The bill expands the definition of “family members” in state law and includes new allowable circumstances for taking sick leave, including recovery and treatment for domestic violence.

For more information, read the full story from the Post here and access the Department of Legislative Services bill information page here.