Baltimore County’s Live-Release Rates for Animal Shelter Among Highest in the Nation

The Baltimore County Animal Shelter live-release rates are among highest in the nation, says an article published on

The Animal Shelter Alliance of Oregon’s website defines live-release rates:

The Live Release or Save Rate is the percentage of animals leaving the shelter alive no matter what their health or behavior status.

In the last quarter of 2017, the live-release rates for dogs totaled 90.7% and 90.3% for cats. The dog and cat intake in the last quarter of 2017 came to 1,529, compared to 1,093 in last quarter of 2014. In that last quarter of 2014, dogs had a 91% release rate, but cats only had 45.5%.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz had this to say about the success:

“I am extremely proud of our Animal Services staff, who has worked so hard to transform Baltimore County Animal Services. We have invested resources and focused attention and it has truly paid off. Our consistently high live-release rates show how hard we are working to find homes for healthy adoptable animals.”

Baltimore County Animal Services is continuing to improve their techniques for rescuing animals in Baltimore County. In the last two years, they have adopted the “Cuddle Shuttle” and doubled their shelter capacity.

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