Rikki Spector Continues To Amaze, Inspire

Last year, MACo’s Winter Conference attendees gladly paid tribute to longtime Baltimore City Council Member Rochelle “Rikki” Spector, who was concluding a historic term in local office. She appeared before our crowd with visible injuries from a recent carjacking incident, and spoke about the matter as part of her reflections on public service.

This week, the Baltimore Sun followed up on that story, and explained how Rikki Spector had become an advocate and mentor for the teenage perpetrators, and was actively helping them to get their lives back on track:

What’s less well known is this: Instead of seeking vengeance, Spector quietly decided to become the boys’ advocate.

She and a team of nonprofit workers, mentors, cooks and coaches, a group Spector has dubbed the “Good Samaritans,” have been working with the boys for months — during and after their time on house arrest — and say their grades, school attendance and attitude have shown marked improvements.

Though the boys are still works in progress, their supporters say, the teens are now emerging as leaders in the neighborhood, trying to teach others to stay out of trouble.

Read the full article in The Sun for the full, and very inspiring, story of one of MACo’s most widely beloved friends and leaders.

Read Conduit Street‘s Q&A with Rikki Spector, following her decision last year to not seek re-election.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties