Op-Ed Urges Kirwan Commission to Consider Race in Education Recommendations

Advocates call on Kirwan Commission to consider policy recommendations informed by race

An opinion piece in The Baltimore Sun advocates for the Kirwan Commission (formally the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Education) to craft policy recommendations that are informed by race. The co-authors of the op-ed, Erika Seth Davies and Laura Gamble, lament that the Commission has failed to address the role of race in educational outcomes, stating,

There is no mention of race in the building blocks — no mention of known racial disparities in educational outcomes; of the negative impact that decades-long, persistent federal, state and local discriminatory policies and modern-day de facto segregation have had on performance outcomes for the U.S. when comparing our educational system to other nations’.

We call on the commission to embrace the role that it can and should play in erasing race-based disparities in educational outcomes and the allocation of resources so that race can no longer be a predictor of student achievement and success. Only then can we truly hope for change in outcomes for all students.

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