MACo: Modernize Medicaid Reimbursement for Emergency Services

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson today testified in support of SB 389 Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Emergency Service Transporters – Reimbursement before the Senate Finance Committee. This bill updates the reimbursement of emergency service visits and transportation through Medicaid.

From the MACo Testimony:

Medical care has evolved with time, but federal and state rules governing them – especially the largest health care programs, Medicare and Medicaid – have often failed to keep pace. One such example is
with emergency transporters who offer on-site services and delivery to facilities.

SB 389 sensibly targets this problem, bringing Medicaid reimbursement gradually closer to the actual
costs of these mobile services. By removing the condition of “transporting the Program recipient to a
facility,” the bill recognizes that much emergency and immediate care is offered by the trained
ambulance staff, independent of whether a delivery is ultimately needed. Further, when payment is
suitable, SB 389 adjusts the state-authorized payment level annually to approach a value more
connected to actual service costs. Both changes are welcome and due.

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