Grant Clearinghouse Features Federal, State, Corporate, and Foundation Grants for County Governments


The National Association of Counties’ Grants Clearinghouse is a brand-new one-stop shop​ for grant information, with enhanced searching features and up to date listings of federal, state, corporate and foundation grants available to counties and community-based organizations​​​​​​.

The NACo Grants Clearinghouse now includes nearly 1,000 grant opportunities, a significant increase over the old clearinghouse, which provided only about 100 grant opportunities at any given time.   It also features an advanced search tool with a keyword search option and specific filters.  Once a particular grant is selected, the Clearinghouse displays detailed grant information that is updated in real-time throughout the life of the grant.

The NACo Grants Clearinghouse is a tool available to NACo members.  Each county is Maryland is a current member of the NACo.  For more information, see NACo’s Grant Clearinghouse.