NACo FSC Partners with Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. for Fixed-Income Investments

The National Association of Counties Financial Services Center (NACo FSC) recently announced that they now have a long-term exclusive partnership agreement with Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. (MBS). The partnership will offer a means to effectively manage investments with better pricing and enhanced controls. MBS is a fixed-income institutional broker-dealer offering assistance with fixed-income investments with their online proprietary platform, eConncetDirect®.

eConnectDirect® is an online investment marketplace designed by MBS to help institutional clients search, compare, transact and manage their fixed income portfolios. It delivers information that allows them to perform transactions across thousands of fixed-income assets. Among the many features of eConnectDirect®, clients receive the tools to purchase and monitor insurance coverage of federally insured CDs, access to new issue and secondary agency bonds, treasuries, corporates and municipal securities. eConnectDirect® provides transparency to the marketplace by compiling bond offerings from hundreds of broker-dealers as well as access statements and balances online, and the ability to target new investment opportunities.

The partnership is designed to help members effectively manage their fixed-income investment needs and provide active and tangible support to counties, county treasurers and other local government entities. eConncetDirect® is particularly well-suited to help counties remain responsive to investment-related regulation and transparency requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact David Keen with any questions you may have.