Harford Sees Uptick In Student Enrollment

After seven straight years of enrollment declines, Harford County Schools enrollment increases by 354 students

In another sign that enrollment in Harford County’s public school system has begun to stabilize after years of steady declines, the system recorded a slight gain in total students since last fall. The school system reports having 37,796 students compared to 37,442 students at the same time last year.

According to The Aegis,

Enrollment increased this year over last year in the three key categories. Enrollment in elementary schools increased by 109 from 17,484 to 17,593. Enrollment in middle schools increased by 161 from 8,492 in the 2016-17 school year to 8,653 on Sept. 30. Enrollment in high schools increased by 88 students from 11,271 a year ago to 11,359 this year.

In the fourth category, combined enrollment from John Archer and Alternative Education declined by four from 195 to 191 this year.

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