“Further Discussion” Topics Would Dramatically Change School Construction Funding

Knott Commission members discuss areas of potential consensus, leaving several areas for further discussion untouched.

The Knott Commission is nearing its December reporting date. Areas of potential consensus, according to a handout distributed at the 21st Century School Facilities Commission (the Knott Commission), include conducting a statewide facility assessment using an integrated data system. Areas for further discussion, however, would determine how that facility assessment is used, and other changes to state school funding distribution.

As pointed out by Commissioner and Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, those areas for further discussion could have a major effect on school construction funding. However, the areas for further discussion were not discussed this week.

For example, one area for further discussion includes how the results of the assessment are incorporated into project funding decisions. Another relates to how changing eligible costs for school construction could result in funding for fewer projects per year, and yet another describes the possibility of removing capital maintenance projects from eligibility for state school construction funding.

Chairman Martin Knott said the Commission will finalize its recommendations before its final meeting in December.

“If anyone thinks we’re stuck in the past, we’re not. We’re moving forward. We’re taking bold initiatives,” Knott said.

For more information, see the video of the hearing.

School Construction will be a topic of several sessions at the MACo Winter Conference.

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