Pitching and Patching Public Pensions

Ever struggle to explain the value of a pension plan to a new hire? Learn how to describe the value of a defined benefit package, and hear the challenges of maintaining this traditional retirement option, in a session at MACo’s Winter Conference.

In a world where 401(k) options are becoming more common, describing the value of a pension benefit becomes a challenge.

Title: Pitching and Patching Public Pensions

Description: Public pensions can provide a reliable and robust benefit for government employees. At the same time, some public pension systems are facing funding difficulties. To address these difficulties, organizations look to reduced payment packages for new hires, delays to employee eligibility, and improving investment income. For county governments who are members of the Maryland Pension System and those who offer their own pension plan, there are also challenges in marketing the merits of this traditional form of benefit to a millennial and generation Z workforce who are looking for portable investments such as 401(k)s. Join this session to discuss the challenges ahead.


Linda A. Herman, Executive Director, Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans and Board Member, Maryland State Pension and Retirements System

Kristopher E. Seets, FSA, EA, Actuary, Bolton Partners, Inc.

Date/Time: Wednesday, December 6, 2017; 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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