DLS Releases Report on Local Aid

The Department of Legislative Services has published The Balance Sheet: A County by County Comparison of State Aid And State Tax Revenues Collected. The report provides a county by county breakdown of state aid distributions.

Importantly, the report aggregates all aid to jurisdictions within county borders, and attributes that aid to the county. For example, if aid is provided to municipalities, special taxing districts, or school boards located within a county, that aid is attributed to the county.

From the Executive Summary:

The Balance Sheet is not an analysis of the “fairness” of State aid distributions to local governments. Counties in which taxpayers contribute relatively more State revenues should not necessarily receive more State aid. In fact, several State aid formulas distribute aid inversely to local property and income wealth, whereby local governments with greater capacity to raise revenues from local sources receive less State aid. Such aid programs accounted for about 70% of the State aid to local governments included in this Balance Sheet.