Mapping Initiative Paints a Picture of Nation’s Opioid Epidemic

The New America’s Public Interest Technology team has launched the Opioid Mapping Initiative where they partner with local governments to create an interactive map of the nation’s opioid crisis.

Government Technology reports:

As the name suggests, a foundational element of it is a visualization of the crisis, specifically a map powered by Esri that shows locations of deaths related to opioid use. Users can click on instances where opioid use has claimed a life and see where the tragedy happened, a picture of the deceased, and a story about who he or she was, essentially putting a human face on the epidemic in order to demonstrate that this is not an abstract problem, that it’s affecting people everywhere and of all different ages, genders and socio-economic backgrounds. It’s a timely effort, given that opioid use continues to worsen, claiming the lives of an average of 91 Americans a day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The mapping initiative is being supported by an initiative to collect the necessary data sets and to partner with a network of local governments to share their best practices.  The majority of the 10 initial participants are county governments.

For more information read the full article in Government Technology and visit the  Opioid Mapping Initiative.

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