Howard County Opens 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Center

Earlier this week, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and non-profit Grassroots Crisis Intervention celebrated the official opening of the “New Beginnings Crisis Stabilization” facility. The facility is the result of a partnership between the county and the non-profit to provide 24/7 access to substance use disorder treatment and referrals.

From a Howard County news release:

Crisis stabilization is an essential service to provide so that individuals in need of a referral for substance use disorder treatment can receive immediate screening and intervention services so that they do not experience a delay in entry into residential or outpatient treatment. The period between referral and admission can result in a return to use, overdose, or the individual may need to seek services at an emergency department (ED), which is what crisis services aims to avoid.


“The Grassroots New Beginnings Center addresses the gap in the continuum of crisis services offered in Howard County. Residents needing help now have 24/7 access to crisis stabilization with specialized medical staff, a care coordinator and peer specialist who are able to connect them to the appropriate care. The center provides residents in crisis a place to go no matter what time, what day, or behavioral health need, resulting in more people accessing treatment and entering recovery,” said Dr. Maura J. Rossman, Howard County Health Officer.

For more information:

County Executive Ball Opens Crisis Stabilization Facility at Grassroots (Howard County News Release)