Set Your Sites: Strategies for Building Better Schools

MACo’s Winter Conference General Session, Set Your Sites: Strategies for Building Better Schools will focus on ways that counties can use partnerships to build modern schools in a cost-effective way.

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A chart from a presentation of Bob Gorrell,  Director of the Maryland Public School Construction Program, to the Knott Commission.

School construction costs have doubled in fifteen years, and demands to modernize education infrastructure continue to mount. With a new state lead on public school construction and a statewide commission on school construction wrapping up its work, 2018 promises to bring change.

The size of schools, the way they are furnished, and how they are built are all hot topics. How will these changes affect counties that provide school construction funding? The MACo Winter Conference General Session will focus on county school construction programs, exploring financing and structural challenges, and partnership approaches to face daunting capacity needs.

Speaker: Martin Knott, Chair, Maryland 21st Century School Facilities Commission

Moderator: Steve Schuh, County Executive, Anne Arundel County

Date/Time: Thursday, December 7, 2017; 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Read ahead: For background on this discussion, see the agenda and handouts from the Knott Commission’s Funding Subcommittee meeting.

Learn more about MACo’s 2017 Winter Conference:

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