Contesting Speeding Tickets, Online

In every county in North Carolina, drivers can request and receive reductions on speeding tickets – all online.


The efficient, user-friendly service provides 24/7 convenience for motorists who receive a speeding ticket and meet eligibility criteria to potentially reduce and process their citation without ever having to appear at the courthouse.

“Online reductions of speeding tickets are more efficient and convenient to process the most commonly cited traffic offenses,” said Judge Marion Warren, director of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts. “Court technology and online services are modernizing the way the public does business with our courts.”

Technology can help counties save money, too. Learn about programs and tools servicing county budget officers at the session, “Programming Power: Technological Tools to Tighten the Budget,” at this year’s MACo Winter Conference, “The Power of Partnerships,” on Thursday, December 7 from 2pm to 3pm.

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