State Board Honors Queen Anne’s Public Safety Dispatchers

Several Queen Anne’s County public safety dispatchers were recently awarded Telecommunicator of the year by the Maryland Emergency Numbers Systems Board. The Maryland Emergency Numbers Systems Board works cooperatively with counties to provide an effective and efficient Maryland 9-1-1 system through the administration of the 9-1-1 Trust Fund revenues. Queen Anne’s County Telecommunicators of the Year are C-Shift team members: Lieutenant Brian Willey, Lieutenant Kevin Carson, Public Safety Dispatcher Debra Shelton and Public Safety Dispatcher William McKercher.

From left, Assistant Chief Jim Alfree, Director Scott Haas, Lieutenant Kevin Carson, Public Safety Dispatcher William McKercher, Lieutenant Brian Willey, and Assistant Chief Scott Wheatley recently attended the Telecommunicator of the Year Awards hosted by the Maryland Emergency Numbers System Board. Not pictured, but also honored, is Public Safety Dispatcher Debra Shelton.
Photo Courtesy: Kent Island Bay Times & Record Observer

According to The Kent Island Bay Times & Record Observer,

Just after midnight on December 29, 2016, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Deputy First Class Scott Hogan was injured by a shotgun blast after responding to a domestic call for service. Communications “C”-Shift was working that evening when they heard the Deputy call out “shots fired, officer down!” The crew took immediate action and demonstrated true professionalism and teamwork to ensure the injured deputy received the resources necessary to manage his life threatening injuries.

According to the Department of Community Affairs, the four tele-communicators who make up this shift were recognized for consistently performing their duties utilizing an active team work approach, while displaying compassion and concern for others. Despite the stressful conditions, the actions of these tele-communicators and the first responders on the scene that night resulted in a positive outcome for the injured deputy.

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