Augmented Reality Comes to County Governments at #MACoCon

This year’s Maryland Association of Counties Conference featured a panel discussion of augmented and virtual reality and its applications for county governments.

A 3D mock-up of a proposed development in Port Covington is one of the projects Balti Virtual has undertaken that reveals the potential for county government uses of augmented reality technology.

Jason Michael Perry, VP of Engineering at Mindgrub, described augmented reality training programs for nurses and firefighters.

Will Gee of Balti Virtual demonstrated his augmented reality applications, including a 3D map of a planned for development at Port Covington in Baltimore.

John M. Wasilisin, President and Chief Operating Officer of TedCo shared what they are doing to connect Maryland’s most successful businesses with start-ups that can help resolve their tech needs.

Brian Darmody, Associate Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations of the University of Maryland, College Park moderated the panel. Darmody provided several examples of the intersection of local governments and augmented and virtual reality, including public safety issues associated with last year’s Pokemon Go craze and resulting legal action. At College Park, Darmody has been instrumental in launching area technology commercialization efforts.