Frosh Highlights Recent Efforts in Herald Mail Interview

In an interview with The Herald Mail, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh mused on his recent efforts to take on opioids, price gauging, and on asserting new litigation authority against the federal government.

In regards to opioids, Frosh believes more needs to be done to help stem the epidemic including expanding the number of treatment beds. He has focused his efforts on prosecuting “pill mill” doctors, major drug dealers, and now drug manufacturers:

Some manufacturers have claimed their opioids aren’t addictive, he said. Patients have been prescribed more than they need, have become addicted and found they can’t afford the opioids, and switched to heroin. The result has been an upsurge in overdoses and deaths. Frosh said nearly all states are now investigating, some in collaboration with other states and some on their own.

The interview also covered his litigation efforts against the federal government — an authority that was expanded during the past general assembly session. So far Frosh has pursued litigation against the “muslim ban”, withholding cost-share payments through the Affordable Care Act, repealing the Borrower Defense Rule, and loosening of environmental regulations.

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