The 2017 General Assembly’s Effect on Education Policy

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education releases its presentation on the implications of the most recent legislative session.

The Maryland Association of Board of Education’s bill-by-bill review of major legislative enactments is intended as a briefing for local boards of education. The information, however, may also be of help to county government officials.

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Legislation relating to the opioid crisis is covered in MABE’s presentation.

From the Maryland Association of Counties:

MABE Conducts Workshop on Policy Implications

The recently completed 2017 Maryland legislative session generated an unprecedented number of laws and newly required policy items impacting Maryland education. Stephen C. Bounds, Esq., Director of Legal & Policy Services, and John R. Woolums, Esq., Director of Governmental Relations, presented a workshop detailing each of the laws and pertinent information board members and school system staff need for the resulting policies required. The extended session drew a large group of 27 board members and staff from 15 Maryland school systems.

The entire presentation is available on the MABE website, and includes contact information should more information be needed.