Green Stormwater Infrastructure Pilot Program Provides Training to Baltimore City Job-Seekers




In a recent press release (2017-05-18) the Center for Watershed Protection announced the start of a new Clean Water Training Certificate Program that will provide qualifying job-seeking individuals with green stormwater infrastructure installation, maintenance, and inspection skills. The initial pilot for the Certificate Program, which runs from May 19 through June 16, will provide the training to ten Baltimore City residents who have been struggling to find a job. The program was funded by the Campbell Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation and Prince Charitable Trusts. From the press release:

“Not only will this program benefit the environment and the Baltimore City economy, it also will change the futures of these 10 individuals,” said Neely Law, Director of Education and Training, Center for Watershed Protection. “What’s more, they are satisfying a critical need in this industry: stormwater employers have significant hiring needs for skilled individuals, which they expect to be met by this training program.” …

The new training certificate program, developed by the Center for Watershed Protection, includes classroom learning, hands-on activities and field-based assessments to allow program participants to acquire core skills and knowledge in the construction, maintenance and inspection of green stormwater infrastructure. …

“This curriculum is equivalent to a few years of job training,” said Michael Peny, a stormwater industry professional of Angler Environmental, a Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) company. “The training provides the basic skills and knowledge an entry-level employee needs to have on the job site, and covers additional areas that will provide opportunities for advancement.”

Participants were selected through a rigorous application process. They were unemployed or underemployed at the time of enrollment and were selected for their drive, motivation and commitment to pursuing a career in stormwater management. Participants will acquire core skills and learn about construction, maintenance and inspection of green infrastructure stormwater best management practices that are relevant on any site, not just Maryland.

The three-week technical stormwater training is part of a comprehensive three-month workforce development program provided by Civic Works, which began May 2, to include essential skills training, workplace safety and on-the-job training. …

“Our goal is to expand the program across the U.S. and build a network of workforce development and training programs,” added Law. “The Clean Water Certificate training model has great potential to translate to other areas of stormwater management.”

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