BAT Bill Dies, Resurrected on Senate Floor – Full Debate Today

Legislation (SB 266) that would require the use of best available nitrogen removal technology (BAT) septic systems throughout the state failed by 1 vote (22-23)  on the Senate floor on March 2. However, the bill was later resurrected through a motion for reconsideration offered by Senator Ulysses Currie and then special ordered until today. Earlier, the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs (EHE) Committee voted the bill favorably on a 7 to 4 vote.

Both proponents and opponents are prepared for a full debate on the bill today when the Senate convenes at 11:00 AM. Outright support, opposition, and potential amendments will all likely be part of the bill’s discussion. MACo testified in opposition to SB 266.

The House of Delegates has not taken any action on the bill’s cross-file (HB 281), which was heard by the House Environment and Transportation Committee on February 15.

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