Poll: Most Marylanders Want Increase in Education Funding

In the latest Gonzales Research poll, a vast majority of Marylanders are in favor of increasing funding for public education. The research firm asked “How important to you is it to have increased funding for public education in Maryland?” 62% of Maryland voters said it was “very important” and 22% said it was “somewhat important.” Only 15% said it was not important.

According to WBAL,

The poll found that the desire for more funding was so strong that 73 percent of voters would favor that increase even if it means closing corporate loopholes and raising income taxes on the state’s highest earners.

As for where to focus that funding, 68 percent of Marylanders think school leaders and elected officials should focus on improving public schools, 19 percent think they should focus on charter and parochial schools.

Gonzales Research conducted the poll between Dec. 14 and Jan. 2 contacting 823 registered voters by landline and cell phone. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3.5%.

A state Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (the Kirwan Commission) is currently reexamining funding formulas for public schools. Late last year, the State’s consultants presented their final report recommending a $2.9B funding increase to achieve state education standards.

MACo has adopted strong and effective state funding of school construction as a legislative priority for 2017. Strong state funding will recognize modern cost factors as we achieve new environmental and energy standards, satisfy heightened needs for technology, ensure student safety, fulfill community resource needs, and mesh with evolving teaching methods.

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