In an Emergency, It’s Not What You Want, But What You Need

In a session at MACo’s Winter Conference, attendees learned how to best take advantage of the National Guard’s life-saving resources.

In times of crisis, the Maryland National Guard is deployed to assist counties in responding to their emergencies.

Senator JB Jennings, a member of the Air National Guard speaks at the MACo Conference with Brigadier General Sean Casey.

Brigadier General Sean Casey, Director of the Joint Staff, Maryland National Guard shared advice on requesting assets during an emergency,

When you need us, request a capability, such as “to transport 50 people across a flooded street in two hours,” rather than a resource, such as “two humvees.”

Honorable J.B. Jennings, Minority Whip of the Maryland State Senate moderated this session. Senator Jennings is also a member of the Maryland Air National Guard.

Senator Jennings encouraged the audience to consider the breadth of the capabilities of the National Guard, including the cyber security expertise available.