Apprenticeship Bill from 2016 Session May Return

House of Delegates Health and Government Operations Committee Chairman Peter Hammen called a meeting today on a bill introduced in the 2016 legislative session to expand apprenticeship requirements for projects receiving state funding in the capital budget.

MACo attended a meeting of proponents and opponents to HB 108, legislation that was introduced but did not pass in last year’s General Assembly.

Chairman Pete Hammen called the meeting, which was also attended by Government Operations Subcommittee Chair Delegate Dan Morhaim, and the bill’s House Sponsor, Delegate Cory McCray of Baltimore City.

State Departments of General Services, Labor, and union and non-union construction stakeholders were represented at the meeting, in addition to MACo. Attendees shared their positions on the bill and concerns regarding the legislation.

MACo described how a trend of additional laws and regulations on school construction has lead to increased costs, and particular concern regarding the effect of HB 108 on construction and renovation contracts of less than $500,000.

Delegate McCray expressed an interest in re-introducing the bill, and an openness to listen to stakeholder input. The Chairman suggested that another meeting might be held later in the fall to discuss amendments proposed by stakeholders.

For more information, see our previous post, MACo Opposes Expanding Apprenticeship Requirements for School Construction, or contact Robin Clark at MACo.