MACo Opposes Expanding Apprenticeship Requirements for School Construction

On February 3, 2016 MACo Research Director, Robin Clark Eilenberg, testified to the House Health and Governmental Operations Committee in opposition of HB 108, Capital Budget – Construction Projects – Apprenticeship Requirements.

This legislation creates apprenticeship requirements for any project that receives $100,000 or more in the state capital budget. The legislation expands existing apprenticeships requirements for school construction projects and other public works projects.

Extending apprenticeship requirements as envisioned in the legislation could reduce the number of contractors who bid on school construction contracts. Reducing the number of bidders is likely to reduce competition and drive-up costs.

From the MACo testimony,

In recent years, the school construction industry has been subject to additional labor and environmental regulations. These regulations have the effect of directly increasing labor costs, and of discouraging small contractors from the construction market.

An identical cross-filed bill, SB 457, is scheduled to be heard on February 18 in the Senate.

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