Seasonal Alert: Flood / Hurricane Perils

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) issued a seasonal alert regarding the perils of hurricanes / floods.

From the LGIT Seasonal Alert,

The greatest potential for loss of life and property is from storm surge resulting from hurricanes or tropical storms that can be a 1,000 miles wide, up to 25 feet high, and travel miles inland as much of the Atlantic coastline is less than 10 feet above sea level!

September is considered the peak of the hurricane season, which does not end until the end of November.

Read the full LGIT Seasonal Alert for more information. LGIT is a MACo Corporate Partner and

LGIT is a non-profit Trust created, owned and governed by Maryland local governments and endorsed by MACo to provide various liability and property insurance and health benefits coverage at stable and competitive rates.

LGIT is a MACo Gold Corporate Partner.

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