Kent Delays Ethanol View, Pending Local Farmer Input

A MyEasternShoreMd article (2016-08-31) reported that the Kent County Board of County Commissioners declined to join in the National Corn Growers Association in opposing a proposed ethanol reduction in gasoline. The article stated the Commissioners wanted input from the Kent County Farm Bureau before taking a position. From the article:

The corn growers’ letter said the reduction in the homegrown fuel standard would reduce the demand for corn and adversely affect prices for the crop. …

County Administrator Shelley Heller said the Maryland Farm Bureau supports the corn growers. The Kent County Farm Bureau has not yet taken a position, she said.

Commission President Wlliam Pickrum said the request is problematic, because ethanol is less energy efficient than gasoline and its use raises the price at the pump. He said he would prefer to wait for the Kent County Farm Bureau’s opinion before approving the letter.