Manage Social Media in Your Workplace

Attorney Kevin Karpinski advises counties to keep social media policies broad and generic and utilize a ‘code of conduct’ approach to the topic.

In a general session at MACo’s Summer Conference, Attorney Kevin Karpinski of Karpinski, Colaresi, and Karp P.A. discussed thorny and interesting topics in social media.

Anne Arundel County Councilman Jerry Walker moderated the session and Congressman John Delaney shared introductory thoughts.

Congressman Delaney speaks about the technological revolution at MACo’s Summer Conference.

Congressman Delaney gave perspective on the subject from the context of the larger technological revolution. He spoke about how technology advancement is helping to lower the global poverty rate, and improve quality of life.

He also shared how the technological revolution is changing citizen’s relationship with the government, and their relationship to their employers. The merging of workplace and personal space, the Congressman stated, is creating a need for best practices in employee’s use of social media.

On the subject of social media in the workplace, attorney Kevin Karpinski shared the outcomes of several court cases involving social media to reveal the narrow standards and tests that jurists apply. He emphasized that the outcome of each case is very fact-driven, making it challenging for employers to devise rules to apply across the board.

Ultimately, the advice that Karpinski shared was to keep social media policies broad and generic. He spoke highly of the approach used in Howard County Maryland, which was to incorporate social media topics into the employee code of conduct.
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