Worcester County Budget Hearing Focuses on Education

As reported in The Dispatch, Worcester County’s annual budget hearing centered around education issues including teacher salaries and technology in schools.

Education makes up almost half of the county’s proposed expenditures, according to the coverage,

In a presentation during Tuesday’s hearing, Harold Higgins, the county’s chief administrative officer, said the bulk of the county’s proposed expenditures (49 percent) in the coming fiscal year were related to education. Public safety accounts for 16.7 percent of expenditures in the proposed budget while grants to municipalities account for 11.2 percent of costs.


The county’s school superintendent showed his gratitude for the Commissioners’ support while making a request for teacher salary increases,

Jerry Wilson, superintendent of Worcester County’s public schools, thanked the commissioners for their support in years past and asked them to continue it into the future. He said local students continued to be among the top performing in the state, something that was only possible because of the highly qualified staff the school system employed. Because of that, the budget proposed by the board of education includes funding for a STEP increase and a 1-percent salary increase for those not on the STEP scale.

For more information, see the The Dispatch, County’s Budget Hearing Focuses On Education Funding.

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