Governor Hogan: Costly Kirwan Bill Lacks Accountability

At a press event today, Governor Hogan criticized legislation pending before the General Assembly to support initial phases of the Kirwan Commission. In his comments, he expressed doubt that he would follow through with budget amendments necessary to provide funding in the coming fiscal year, citing a lack of meaningful oversight over those funds.

From the Baltimore Sun coverage:

“It is outrageous pandering to special interest groups,” Hogan said. “Paying for these proposals would require large increases in property, income and sales taxes.”

Hogan also said he would not agree to send a single dollar more to public schools without increased accountability of how the money is spent.

“Let me be very clear: No additional state tax dollars will be handed over to local school boards without significant accountability measures attached,” he said.

The Governor also commented on the even more costly recommendations still pending with the Kirwan Commission, but expected to be submitted in legislation during the 2020 legislative session.

The full press event is available on the Governor’s facebook page.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties