Business Ombudsman Supports Economic Development Zones for Western Maryland

Maryland’s Business Ombudsman, Roger Campos, supports economic development zones as a means of boosting economic development in Western Maryland.

Campos discussed economic development zones as well as his current work and future goals as the state’s first business ombudsman at an event sponsored by the Greater Cumberland Committee.

As reported in the Cumberland Times-News:

Appointed in February 2015 by Hogan, Campos is Maryland’s first business ombudsman. Campos said he reports directly to Hogan and acts as a “goodwill ambassador to businesses and helps to fix problems and challenges for businesses.”

Creating economic zones in Western Maryland that provide tax incentives for businesses has also been the focus of Sen. George Edwards. However, his push to establish economic zones in Western Maryland and other rural counties fell short for the second straight year in the Maryland General Assembly.

Campos, who said his wife is from Cumberland, asked those attending during a Q-and-A session if economic zones had been established. The audience indicated the zones had not been put in place.

“Economic zones provide greater incentives for businesses,” said Campos. “It is a great approach to take back to the governor.”

For more information read the full article in the Cumberland Times-News.