House Advances Education Commission Bill With MACo Amendment

The House version of a bill to create the next major review of state and local funding for K-12 students has passed second reader with amendments; the Senate passed the same bill without amendments. 

HB 999 Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education is the house version of the bill to create the next major review of state and local funding for K-12 students. This week, the House Ways and Means Committee and the full House voted the bill favorable with amendments. At the same time, the Senate version of the legislation, SB 905 sponsored by Senator King, already passed out of the full Senate without any amendments.

One of the amendments added to the bill was from Maryland county governments, via MACo. This amendment would require the Commission to review the effect of state laws on county-school board relationships. Counties have concerns that current education funding laws may limit and discourage collaboration and joint efforts that are key to education success.

The amendment modifies the bill to state in part,

The Commission shall…make recommendations for…ensuring that state laws promote collaboration and joint efforts between county governments and local school systems.

For more information, see the amendments and the bill information page.