Advocates Seeks Better Options for Maryland Youth at 3pm

A conference and campaign call attention to the need for enhanced after school care programs to support students, parents, and employers in Maryland.

MY3PM is a campaign initiated by the Maryland Out of School Time (MOST) Network calling attention to the unmet demand for more and better after school programs for kids, parents, and employers across Maryland. At their summit today, after school care program leaders, parents, and policymakers gathered to discuss best practices, goals, and challenges.

Singer describes how after school programs connect students with careers through professional mentoring placements.

In 2015, MACo worked with MOST to resolve a state regulatory issue for county parks and recreation after school care programs. Many county parks and recreation departments are partners in providing after school and summer programs.

Today’s MY3PM Summit at Turf Valley included presentations by program experts, and Maryland parents, employers, and policy makers.

Councilwoman Navarro speaks about her plan to develop dedicated funding for after school and summer programs.

Jaime Singer, Senior Consultant at American Institutes for Research spoke about how some after school programs connect children with professionals in subject areas of interest, creating relationships and developing skills that could support them professionally.

Bernice Reese, a Parent Engagement Assistant at Prince George’s County Public Schools spoke about ways that parents can contribute to after school programs. Reese described her work as a volunteer to create opportunities for students. She also shared her frustrations with the lack of access to particular programs, such as STEM programs for younger children.

Sheldon Caplis of One Main Financial related the number of unfilled data science jobs in Baltimore to a need for after school programs that develop data science skills. The business community needs to understand how much training middle and high school after school programs can provide towards job skills. She also noted the need for programs to keep metrics that reveal their value to workforce development.

Montgomery County Councilwoman Nancy Navarro emphasized the need for dedicated funding for after school care programs. She spoke about creating a children opportunity fund and leveraging private dollars for investment in scalable after school and summer programs. She shared an example from Dade County Florida where a large trust funds after school care programs. She spoke about increasing poverty among the student population and the need for education equity.

For more information about MY3PM, see MY3PM’s Website for parents, business partners and policymakers and follow #MY3PM or @MOSTNetwork on Twitter.