County Executive Proposes Selling Properties to Fund School System

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman is hoping to sell off several county properties to raise some extra money for the school system’s budget next fiscal year.

The money the county recuperates by selling the properties would go towards purchasing a site for a thirteenth public high school, and could also be used to unlock state matching funds for school construction, Kittleman wrote.

Even if the properties are sold in the current year, making additional funding available, rules regarding education funding complicate and delay the application of additional school funding by county governments. For one-time funding to be used for one-time school costs, such as laptops and library books for students or professional development training for teachers, county governments must first receive approval from the Maryland State Board of Education. The current deadline set by the Maryland State Department of Education for applications for non-recurring cost applications is March 31 of the prior year.

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