Baltimore City Reimburses Counties for Support During Unrest

Baltimore City is reimbursing counties that provided assistance during the unrest in April. The City plans to pay out about $1.8 million.

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Anne Arundel County’s Police Department will be reimbursed $426,000, according to figures released Thursday by the city. Howard County’s emergency responders will be paid $373,000. Montgomery County police will receive $296,000. Baltimore County’s police and fire departments will receive $257,000, and Harford County law enforcement will get $73,000.

In May, the city’s spending panel authorized $20 million to cover costs incurred during the unrest. The expenses include overtime for police and firefighters, damage to city-owned property, and repaying other jurisdictions for police and other assistance.

“We’re deeply appreciative of the support we received from all of our partner agencies in the spring and how all of them stepped up for us again this fall,” Libit said. “This demonstrates the collaborative teamwork that exists between our state’s police, firefighters and emergency management personnel.”

For more information read the full article in The Baltimore Sun.

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