Fun Fact: Which County has the Newest Barn Quilt Trail in Maryland? (And What’s a Barn Quilt Trail??)

While there are thousands of barn quilt trails all over the country, and two in Maryland, the Calvert County Barn Quilt Trail is the newest and the first in Southern Maryland.

A barn quilt is a replica of a colorful square on a quilt, painted on wood and mounted on a barn or building. Every square tells two stories. First, the design and pattern of each square has a special meaning, and second, the building or location where it is placed has an interesting history of its own.

The trail stretches from North Beach to Solomon’s Island and from the Chesapeake Bay to the Patuxent River. Take a scenic drive through the countryside this winter and discover these hand painted wooden quilt squares on barns and buildings throughout Calvert County.

Source: Calvert County website

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