Commission to Review Testing in Public Schools Begins

A new commission will develop recommendations to state and local school boards on student testing.

As described in the Maryland Reporter, a legislatively created commission began its work this week to review the use of student assessments and testing in Maryland.

The Commission comprises state legislators, state and local school board representatives and other members of the education community.

The article quotes Delegate Eric Ebersole, a former math teacher and current member of the House Ways and Means Committee stating that if the commission’s recommendations are not adopted by the state board and local school boards, legislation for the 2017 legislative session could be in the works. The article states,

“A few people criticized me and said, ‘Why didn’t you pass a law to get rid of testing?’ and the answer was testing is very entrenched, but not entirely unnecessary,” said [Delegate] Ebersole.

For more information, see the Maryland Reporter article, Md. commission studies testing in all 24 school districts.