Harford County’s New Permitting Center Streamlines Permits, Licenses & Inspections

The Harford County administration recently opened its new permitting center where it has streamlined permits, licenses and inspections all from one office.

harford permits ribbon cutting
At a ceremonial ribbon-cutting on Oct. 2, Harford County Executive Barry Glassman thanked county employees and contractors who helped open the county’s new Permit Center on time and within budget.

According to a Harford County press release,

Doing business with Harford County government just got easier with the opening of a new Permit Center developed by County Executive Barry Glassman’s administration to expedite permits, licenses and inspections.  The one-stop Permit Center introduced on September 8  streamlines applications for everything from dog licenses to building permits by gathering  county reviewers into a single open workspace conveniently located on the first floor of the county’s Administrative Office Building in Bel Air.  As part of the Glassman administration’s overall plans to save money and optimize the use of county-owned facilities, the new Permit Center will be paid for with savings on lease payments.

“Our new Permit Center is a prime example of how my administration is restructuring local government to be more like your smartphone – smaller, faster and with better customer service,” said County Executive Glassman. “I would like to thank my Director of Administration Billy Boniface, and all our employees and contractors who worked diligently to open our new Permit Center on time and within budget.”

Customers who enter the new Permit Center are greeted by a guide who assists them through the application process.  The Center’s open floor plan streamlines communication between employees working together to review applications, and gives customers a front row seat to their progress. Because the Permit Center is located on the building’s first floor near the Treasury Department window, application fees can be paid more conveniently than when applications were processed on the second floor.

The video below tours the new Harford County Permit Center.