Maryland Boards of Education Representative Questions School Funding Study

As reported in the Herald Mail, Maryland Association of Boards of Education representative Donna Brightman is questioning the interim reports of the Study of Adequacy of Funding for Education in the State Of Maryland.

For example, the school size study recommends that the state establish maximum school sizes and begin a competitive grant program to pay for school construction and renovations. The maximum cost of construction through this program would be $2.5 billion.

Brightman said she and others at the briefing want to know whether this would be new money appropriated by the state, or if it would be carved from other resources. She also questioned whether it would be equitable, with all 24 school systems having an equal chance to get the grant money.

Brightman also questioned the study’s process, finding that it has not been inclusive of all jurisdictions. As quoted in the article,

Brightman said she has other concerns, including the fact that some jurisdictions, including Washington County, have not been represented in various parts of the process. Questions need to be raised as it continues, she said.

While some of the interim reports from the adequacy study have included recommendations that could affect funding, ultimately, a change in the school funding formulas would be accomplished through legislation in Maryland’s General Assembly. A change in capital funding for school construction would be accomplished through the Governor and General Assembly’s budget process.

For more information on Brightman’s concerns, read the whole story from the Herald Mail.

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