Regional Technology Communities Come Together, Following Augustine Commission Recommendation

As reported in Business Wire, the Tech Council of Maryland (TCM) and Betamore are joining forces to unify the technology communities in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas, and throughout Maryland.

The two organizations today announced a comprehensive partnership with the goal of creating a more vibrant business environment for Maryland’s technology and life science companies. The alliance will focus on enhancing statewide advocacy efforts, developing joint educational events to bring together established and early-stage businesses from both organizations and markets, and giving members of both groups new opportunities to network and build business relationships.

As described in the article, the partnership was a recommendation made by Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission, known as the “Augustine Commission,” which stated in its February 2015 interim report that, “there are natural strengths that the Washington and Baltimore regions of the state can capitalize on together in order to benefit the state as a whole.”

At MACo’s summer conference, we will be delving deeper into the theme of economic development in Maryland and the county role in nurturing Maryland tech companies and readying Maryland’s tech workforce. In Saturday’s Education Session, Vennard Wright, Montgomery County’s CIO will be sharing case studies and models of career pipelines that have been made possible through partnerships between government, school systems, institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations and private industry will be examined for discussion around ideas that could be potentially replicated statewide.

The focus of his remarks will be on the development of an IT focused career pipeline and interceptive strategies to improve student matriculation and eventual career success in technology related fields, with the goal of the program being to identify and develop students who have demonstrated a sustained aptitude and interest in IT and to cultivate their educational and career growth so that they become future contributors to the economic success and competitive viability of our state.

For more information, see the whole story from Business Wire.

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