Bipartisan Bill Proposes National “Complete Streets” Policy

Federal legislation seeking to create a national standard for “complete streets” has been introduced with bipartisan sponsorship, including Maryland’s Representative Chris Van Hollen.

From coverage in the online StreetsBlog Network:

Streets that safely accommodate everyone, from motorists to cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users — complete streets — have become policy for many American communities, having been implemented in more than 700 local jurisdictions and states around the country. A new bill in Washington attempts, again, to make complete streets the federal standard as well.

The Smart Growth America site lays out the argument for the national policy:

“The Safe Streets Act would help everyone—kids, parents, and grandparents—get to places in their communities safely, no matter if they’re in a car or a bus or if they’re walking, using an assistive device, or riding a bike,” said Stefanie Seskin, Deputy Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition. “I thank the cosponsors of this bill for working to ensure federal investments routinely create safer streets for people all across the country.”

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties