Montgomery County Executive Leggett Introduces Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking

In collaboration with the county council, law enforcement and Human Trafficking Task Force, County Executive Isiah Leggett is introducing two pieces of legislation to address human trafficking in Montgomery County. As announced in a Montgomery County Press Release:

“As I mentioned in June, the nature of human trafficking keeps changing,” said Leggett. “We must adapt our laws to keep up and to give our law enforcement agencies the tools they need to protect the innocent lives of those forced into prostitution and to punish those who would destroy the lives of these victims.”

The bodyworks establishment licensing bill will require a license to operate a bodywork establishment in the County. The licenses will be issued by the DHHS, and enforced by both DHHS and the Police Department. The law also provides general requirements for operators of a bodyworks establishment in the County and authorizes the DHHS director to develop further regulations governing the minimum standards for these establishments to ensure the health and safety of patrons. Massage parlors are similarly licensed and regulated by the State and the County. The bill focuses on the operators of the establishments and does not require licensure of individual practitioners.

The other piece of legislation will amend the zoning code to require that all land uses be appropriately licensed where required by state or local law. As a result, operating a massage or bodyworks establishment without a license will also be grounds to revoke a Use & Occupancy Permit.

For more information please read the Montgomery County Press Release.

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