Maryland Association of Community Colleges Briefs the Senate Education Committee

Dr. Bernard Sadusky, Executive Director of Maryland Association of Community Colleges recently briefed the Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee on the achievements of the State’s community colleges.

A few statistics Sadusky shared the committee include:

  • There are 23 community college campuses across the state, and additional classes are offered at 1,000 other sites across the state.
  • There over half a million individuals enrolled in community colleges, approximately 140,000 of them are degree-seeking students and 376,860 are working towards a certification.
  • The average age of a community college student is 26, over half of the students are female, and 68% of the students work part time while attending classes.

While testifying Sadusky told the committee, “We do whatever it takes to meet the needs of the community.”  Sadusky used the increase in associates degrees and certificates over the last five years, (38% and 47%, respectively) to emphasize the contributions that community colleges make towards a highly skilled workforce.

Sadusky stated that on of the largest challenges facing community colleges is affordability, explaining that the number one reason students drop out is because they cannot afford college. MACo wrote a letter last year in support of additional state funding for Community Colleges.

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