Andrew Hollis Returns As Talbot County Manager

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Beginning December 15, 2015, former County Council Member Andrew Hollis will be the new County Manager for Talbot County.

Andrew Hollis, Courtesy of The Star Democrat
Andrew Hollis, Courtesy of The Star Democrat

The Star Democrat reports

Andrew Hollis, former Talbot County Council member, has agreed to step forward and take the position of Talbot County Manager.

For Hollis, taking the position is like returning to familiar territory.

Hollis served as county manager for 11 years, and left the position when he ran for office and was elected to Talbot County Council.

Before that, Hollis spent eight years as the Town Manager in St. Michaels.

In his capacity as manager, Hollis will be the chief administrative officer of the county. Under the direction of the council, he will direct and supervise the administration of all agencies of the county government, unless otherwise stated by charter or law.

“I appreciate this opportunity, probably more than you realize,” Hollis told the council on Tuesday.

“Being newly elected officials, that’s a pretty exciting thing, but I am actually more excited sitting on this side of the table.”

Andrew Hollis will be taking over for Clay Stamp who was temporarily filling in as county manager since March while continuing his role as emergency services director. Stamp made it clear that he eventually wished to go back to his previous position of assistant county manager and emergency services director.

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