Prince George’s County Program Offers Nonprofits and Churches Way to Reduce Stormwater Fee

 An October 23 Prince George’s County bulletin announced the launch of the County’s Alternative Compliance Program (ACP), which provides options for nonprofits and churches for reducing their county stormwater fee by implementing best management practices to treat stormwater runoff or assisting with the county’s stormwater outreach and education program. New Redeemer Baptist Church in Forestville will be the ACP’s first participant and test case.  From the bulletin:

Prince George’s County Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Economic Development and Public Infrastructure Victor L. Hoskins remarked that he was excited about the County’s introduction of the Program.  “Prince George’s County is taking a major step in making a change toward our environment,” said Hoskins.  “This public-faith partnership shows what can happen when like-minded people in government and the private sector come together to make a huge change for the better.”

Jon Capacasa, Director of the EPA Water Protection Division Mid-Atlantic Region added that backing programs such as the ACP will put us in a much better position in restoring and protecting water quality for the future.  “It’s important that we continue to explore clean water initiatives that will assist us in meeting the challenges we face ahead,” says Capacasa.

The bulletin also explained how the ACP works:
The ACP contains three options that provide qualified organizations with a reduction in their Clean Water Act Fee (CWAF).  One option provides the County a right-of-entry agreement to install stormwater best management practices (BMPs) on property owned by the organization.  This option provides groups with a 50 percent reduction on their CWAF.  The second option requires groups to assist the County with their Rain Check Rebate outreach and education campaign.  This initiative raises awareness of water quality issues to the community at large and provides rebates to eligible applicants for installing approved stormwater management practices. In addition, groups agree to create a green ministry to teach the importance of environmental stewardship.  Groups that participate in this option can earn a 25 percent reduction in their fee.  The third option asks property owners to utilize certified green lawn companies for the proper use and application of fertilizers on their lawns for the protection of water quality.  This option also provides a 25 percent reduction.

For more information about the ACP, click here.