Protecting Data Against Invasive Threats

invasive threatsIn the days of spamware and malware, counties need to be extremely cautious and ensure that systems are in place to protect data from these attacks. During MACo’s Summer Conference session titled “Combating Invasive Threats – Protecting Data Against Spamware and Malware,” attendees learned about these data threats and technology solutions to ensure that county and financial data are secure and that appropriate controls are in place.

During the session, Alan Hale, Bank of America’s Senior Vice President and Fraud Policy Strategist discussed spamware and malware and operating practices to protect systems against these threats. Lee Waskevich, ePlus Technology’s Security Practices Director discussed technology solutions to block these threats from gaining access to your systems.

The session was moderated by Delegate Susan Lee, who represents Montgomery County and serves as co-chair of the Maryland Commission on Cybersecurity Innovation and Excellence.