Howard County Council Enhances Benefits for Volunteer Fire and EMS

The Howard County Council recently passed legislation enhancing benefits for volunteer fire and EMS personnel.

According to the summary, Council Bill 39-2014 amends the Length of Service Award Program for volunteer firefighting/EMS personnel, provides for burial and survivor benefits, and clarifies the points volunteers receive for military service.

Testimony from Howard County’s Fire Chief Goddard describes how the legislation will provide enhanced benefits to eligible Howard County volunteer Firefighters/EMTs through the Length of Service Program. According to Goddard, these enhancements include,

  • A change in the calculation of the monthly payment to allow for periodic cost-of-living increases;
  • Language which explains how the maximum monthly benefit will be calculated;
  • The addition of a burial benefit;
  • A provision for short-term survivor benefits; and
  • An adjustment to the definition of military service and associated service credit.

For more information, see the full text of Council Bill 39-2014 or the Chief Goddard’s testimony.