Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Dementia: Improving Endangered Missing Persons Response

Montgomery County Police Officer Laurie Reyes at a recent autism awareness event. Photo courtesy of Montgomery County.

Current research indicates a dramatic increase in the number of cognitive disabilities in our communities, due to an increase in the diagnosis of autism and our aging population. This trend will affect our county communities and resources in several ways, including creating new challenges for our public safety officers.

At this year’s MACo Conference, Sarah Lenz Lock, Senior Vice President for Policy, AARP Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs will discuss the increase of persons with cognitive disabilities as our communities age. Shelly McLaughlin, Director of Communications, Pathfinders for Autism and Officer Laurie Reyes of the Montgomery County Department of Police will describe new comprehensive approaches to the growing number of cases of Missing Persons with Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Dementia.

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